Valkommen Volvo XC90!

Valkommen Volvo XC90!

Easily one of the best cars from Volvo in terms of style, safety and the technology it contains. For a car manufacturer like this, it’s excelled and has proven that it’s capable to compete with rivals as big as the BMW X5, Audi Q7 and the Range Rover. So we’re saying hello to the XC90 and we’re sure it’ll be around for a long time, especially with its fine looks – it would be hard to let go.

If the Volvo’s dreams where to come back bigger than ever with a fresh new look, a new design and just that bit better, it deserves a huge pat on the back. With its up-market interior, it’s now able to take on the likes of Range Rover and many more with confidence, which is an incredible achievement for this Swedish car.
Its modern and new cabin has been designed with space in mind, so you’re able to drive with the whole family and no complications, making it more appealing and more likely to be a first choice for those with children. But moving on from the interior, the exterior is just as good-looking with its large headlights, swanky front grille and dazzling ‘Volvo’ badge – you won’t forget this car. Is the XC90 leaving you weak at the knees with its attractive look? There are a range of cheap car leasing deals available.

Performance & Drive
The Volvo XC90 hasn’t been designed with a large body and 21-inch wheels for no reason. It’s skills on and off road are equally as striking, as it takes on any terrain with no problems what so ever. With the road type not being much of an issue, when tackling pot-holes and those lumps and bumps, this is where the air suspension is fitted which aims to give you a more comfortable ride with strong handling – but this is only an option and doesn’t come as standard.
With cars such as the Range Rover Evoque, when driving long distances, you can expect a very noisy journey as it doesn’t block out the sound as well as the XC90 does. The XC90 has mastered the little things in which its rivals haven’t. In terms of the handling, the car takes on the twisty bends as if it’s the master, as it has good body control, so what doesn’t it do well?

Cabin & Style
This is easily the best aspect of the XC90, without a doubt. The quality of the interior is on par with the BMW X5, Range Rover Sport and even the Porsche Cayenne but of course, it’s struggling to take of the King Audi Q7. With soft leather theatre seating, a crystal gearstick and plenty of room – you’ll be riding like royalty in this taste of Sweden as it offers maximum amounts of comfort and pleasure.

The XC90 features one of the best infotainment systems there is right now, with BMW being the best, but it shows that Volvo are more than capable of taking on their competition. The 9-inch screen is responsive, good quality and bright as well as the key – easy to navigate.

The driving position offered within the XC90 is more than perfect as it’s electrically adjusted in order for you to see everything clearly with no struggles. You get good visibility within every drive, as it features tall windows with a 360-degree rear camera for parking. Trying to fault to XC90 is such a task – it’s pretty much impossible.

The Volvo XC90 is up there with being one of the best SUV’s on the road right now, so why spend insane amounts of money on a brand such as ‘Porsche’ when you can drive something similar for a lot less.
There are hardly anyways in which you can mark down the XC90 as it does everything with such perfection and passion. Get that classy feeling, an enjoyable drive and an infotainment system to die for with the XC90, it really is a pleasure.

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